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Welcome to Jacob Williams Wine Club


We are delighted you have chosen to join our wine club. It really means a lot to us. We consider our wine club members a part of our extended family and we are thrilled you share our same passion and love for wine. We hope you partake in the wonderful benefits we have for you as a thank you for being a member of our wine club.  


  • 3 times per year. February, May & October. Customizations are permitted.

Pick Up Members:

  • Members can either pick up releases in one of two great locations:


  • Our Washington Tasting Room is located near Wishram, WA.  Situated on the Columbia River, this tasting room boasts spacious indoor and outdoor seating along with dramatic views of Mt. Hood and the surrounding rolling landscape of vineyards and orchards.


  • Our Oregon Tasting Room is located in the charming and historic town of McMinnville, Oregon. Located in the heart of downtown, our tasting room is warm and inviting.  Lasting memories await.

Shipment Members:

  • Release shipments usually leave are facility the second week of Wine Club Months (February, May and October). Members can add 6 bottles of wine (or more) at a 40% DISCOUNT. All wine will be shipped Fedex Ground.

Wine Club Contact:

  • If you have questions/concerns with your account, please contact our General Manager, Regina Durrant

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